Writer’s Block

It’s getting tougher to find the time to update this blog. I’m still unpacking boxes and putting things away. Tonight was spent hanging a wicker swing on th screened-in porch. I’ve also got tomato plants to get into the ground, an antique radio to get upstairs, blinds to hang, paint to get on the walls and another wicker couch to get on the porch. I’ve been finishing up a couple of old video projects and trying to restructure the ACTS Network website. I’ve also got a job now and a work blog to update every day.

But the exciting news is about the screenplay. I’ve been working on this thing, off and on, for 17 years. I’ve had a couple of nibbles from interested producers but last week, a studio head from a production company in Nashville told me he’d like to see it. Seems they’re working on finding a screenplay to produce for major release. I’ve given him the elevator pitch to this romantic comedy and he seems intrigued. So I’m back at the laptop now working to get the darned thing finished.

So sorry for the lack of posts here. I’ll try to hop on more frequently.


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