Old Friends

I’d been feeling a little down, maybe overwhelmed the last couple days. An old project had to be finished, along with work and maybe things had just caught up with me a bit.

Then an old friend sends an e-mail, and everything is okay.

Keith and I were college buddies. In the same class at Carson-Newman we were competitors when it came to attention and girls, but were tight. We actually shared an apartment for about a year shortly after graduation. Hadn’t talked to Keith in about 15 years until this week.

His mom sort of became my mom away from home while I was off at college. I saw Pat Brown a couple of years ago when I was working on a video project for the school. We had lunch at the little hogie shop in town and the girl at the counter asked “is this your mom?”.
I said, “No…she’s my mistress, and it’s none of your business!”.

After we ate lunch and talked for about an hour we walked to her car and found we had parked in the exit of the drive-thru, forcing everybody picking up their lunch to back up and drive around.

Anyway, she heard I was in Nashville, sent me Keith’s e-mail address and we’ve been swapping tales and memories the past couple of days.

Touching base with old friends not only makes me feel better, it makes me feel younger. Just thinking of those times takes me to another place. Keith and I laughed about our midnight roadtrip to Atlanta on a spring night when we only had $21 between us. We spent about $10 on cigars and bubblegum and were off. In Atlanta at around 2 in the morning, we paid to park and then rode an elevator to the top floor of a hotel before driving back to Jefferson City, TN.

Good times.

But what’s even better is reliving that night now.

Old friends mean a lot today. Pick up the phone or look through your e-mail list and send out a note to somebody you haven’t talked to in a long time. Better yet, reach out and google somebody. You might just make their day like Pat Brown and Keith Brown did today.


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