Where You Been?

That’s what a couple people have either asked or e-mailed. I didn’t realize my last post was nearly a week ago.

I’ve been busy with a couple of old projects that are finally coming around to deadlines. Plus, we’re still trying to get the house out of boxes and into proper places.

A couple of stories about Memphis tv stuff. Christine Connolly is leaving the station on the river at the end of the week and Amy Speropolous had her baby, I hear a pretty little girl, last week.

These are two of my favorite former co-workers, congratulations to them both. This is the revolving door time of year in tv newsrooms. We’ve got our share of openings now. Producers, vjs, anchors. I don’t think I’m talking out of school here, they’ve mostly been blogged about before on Mike’s blog.

We’ve got our new water filtration system installed and pumping. Did you know they can actually make it so you’re getting Aquafina pure water coming out of the tap? It’s good, just like the bottled stuff but I think I prefer regular ole Memphis water. It’s basically free.


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