A Few Observations

Funny that the Commercial Appeal picked up on the previous joke. A buddy called early this morning to tell me it made the front of the region section. You can click on the image to see it.

I didn’t make it up; just heard it somewhere else and changed it around a bit.

We’ve been in Nashville now for a few weeks (I’ve been here since January) and I’ve made a few observations about Music City and what’s different about it from Memphis. Here’s what I’ve got:

The Water Tastes Bad
I noticed this a few years ago while covering the State Legislature but I thought it might only be because of rusty pipes in the Capitol. Our house in Hendersonville is on the lake and the water coming out of the tap tastes just like those times as a kid when I kept my mouth open while going off the tire swing at Sportsman’s Lake. We’d gotten used to the fine tap water in Memphis and rarely ever even bought the bottled stuff. Here, I don’t even like brushing my teeth with the stuff. We’re buying a water purifier.
Memphis doesn’t have traffic problems. Here you’ll get stuck just about any time of the day. Volume delays? I’d never heard of them before here. At 2 in the afternoon you’ll be stuck, driving about 10 miles an hour for 10 minutes and when it finally clears up there’s….nothing. Not an accident nor construction nor an Amish RV.
I didn’t see that many people smoking in Memphis. Here, about 3 out of every 5 cars I pass has someone inside with a cigarette. And it’s the beautiful people too.
Don’t joke about seeing a celebrity in Nashville. It’s like joking about a carjacking in Memphis. It could happen! Talking with a couple ladies the other day in at outdoor cafe I mentioned Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s wedding. One woman asked “are they here?”. I thought she was joking, so when I kidded and said “yeah, they’re behind you”. She thought I was totally serious. I hear of celebrity spottings every day. The only ones I’ve seen in a non-working environment have been Jim Kelly the former NFL MVP and Epstein from “Welcome Back Kotter”.
Somebody pinch me.
Telephone Interviews
In 8 years of Memphis tv I never had anyone think I was calling for a radio interview. In Nashville, it happens at least once a week. It’s weird. I call to set up an interview, show up and they’re surprised I’ve got a tv camera. “Oh, this is for tv?”
Lightning Bugs
Our yard in Hendersonville is full of them. It looks like the summers in my parents yard growing up. The kids are out every night killing the little things. Well, there was an article in the paper about the fireflies having some enzyme that scientists use. They’re buying them from kids. So, you don’t have to have a license or anything. We never saw them in Memphis.
More Green
It’s nice to see lots of trees and hills again.
More Green 2
Seems like there are more people with money here. We drove around some neighborhoods in Brentwood and wow! 10 million dollar homes or more! A buddy says he was in one of those homes and there was an elevator.
Contrary to what I was always told in Memphis, folks in Nashville aren’t talking bad about Memphis. But they’re not talking about it at all. There’s no competition with Memphis, people here just don’t like Memphis. Of course, NOT EVERYBODY in Nashville hates Memphis. But I just don’t hear people talking about it at all. Attitudes are different here in another way. Everyone seems to be quite content and happy living here.


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