Best Movie Posters

Our new house has two tv rooms. One we’re calling “the den” and the other which will be called “the tv room.”

Cameron’s doing all of the decorating in the den but I’m lobbying to get the green light to perk up the tv room. It’s a big room with a couple of couches, a recliner, a computer and desk and our big screen tv. The surround sound will be in this room too.

Years ago I bought two different original posters for “When Harry Met Sally” and had them framed. Their great pieces of art and have been in my office in the last three houses. But I’m thinking of decorating the tv room with movie posters. I’m looking at getting the posters for “Annie Hall”, “Say Anything”, “True Grit” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

But then I’ve been thinking of getting some foreign movie posters of US made pictures.

Anybody got any ideas for decorating a movie or tv room?


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