Ran into another former Memphis anchor

I was standing in a comic book shop today when a familiar voice yelled out “Jamey Tucker”. It was Steve Hayslip, the former reporter/anchor at the station on the river, now working as a morning anchor for a station near another river.

Steve and I talked for a good long while about life in Music City as opposed to life in the Bluff City. We shared some of the same observances about what makes these two places so different. Far less crime. Far better place to raise children. Far less racism. Now I’m sure somebody’s gonna try to pin me down on that last one on me, but I’ll stand by it. In Memphis, everything, and by that I mean nearly everything that exists, is talked about, or dreamed about, comes down to black and white. In Nashville, people are people. Black, white, spanish, asian and everybody else who lives here don’t seem to look at a person’s skin color. Folks is folks. I like that a lot.

Steve’s doing well here and it was good to see him again. He’s one of the good guys who made it out of Memphis.


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  1. Anonymous

    Nashville doesn’t have many black people, but they definitly have a lot of poor white trash. I’ll bet you all dodge them in everyway, from where you live, shop and play.

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