Where Am I?

Boy it’s been a wacky few days since my last post. We’ve lived in 3 different places and will be moving again Saturday.

We vamoosed from our house Friday (I think that was Friday). We had movers load everything up and put it in storage. Friday and Saturday we stayed at some friend’s house in Southaven since they had gone out of town for the weekend. (Thanks Tim and Jennifer). Sunday we loaded up the two vehicles and left DeSoto County.

Monday, I think it was Monday, we closed on our new house in Hendersonville but we can’t move in until Saturday. We’re staying at the Opryland Hotel this week for a mini-vacation even though I have to go to work everyday. Saturday morning we’ll pack up again, meet the movers at the new house and hopefully settle down there for awhile.

Cameron and the kids are having a ball at the Opryland Hotel. When we checked in Sunday there was a band playing in atrium just outside our room. My old roomate in the house I was renting here is a bellman here and got us a sweet room with a balcony overlooking the main stage. The Peking acrobats have performed every night outside our room which is really cool. Unfortunately, I packed the cable to connect my digital camera to this laptop so no pics.

Today was one of those days at work. I was given two days to work on a story that I pitched and set up a few weeks ago. Trouble is, the guy won’t call me back. I waited all day today on a return call which never came. It’s a positive pr type story too so I don’t know what the deal is with this guy. He seemed anxious to do the story a few weeks ago. Luckily the story wasn’t slated to run today so I set up another one for tomorrow. Still, I hate struggling to set up stories and interviews.

The kids and Cameron are having a blast. They said tonight they don’t want to move into the new house this weekend since they’re having so much fun at the Opryland Hotel. I’ll try to get some pics or video up later this week. Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I don’t really know where I am when I wake up every morning.


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