And boy are my arms tired

The first half of the move is over. The moving company, “King of the World Movers” showed up promptly at 9:30 with a big ole truck and three strong armed (and backed) men. By 4 o’clock this afternoon the house looked just like it did last August. Empty.

The kids weren’t too sad today thank goodness. The little girl who lives behind us was gone all day and that was probably a good thing for her and us. Trey did get to see his girlfriend one last time this afternoon. I was proud of him, as sad as he was to say goodbye again, he didn’t cry. Not until he got back into the car at least.

We’re staying at some friends’ house tonight in Southaven since they are gone for the weekend and we’ll head off to Nashville Sunday morning. It’s a funny feeling being gone but not quite all the way. All of our stuff is packed away in storage and we’ve got nothing to do until Sunday.

We’ve thought about going back to church Sunday morning but figure it might be too hard on the kids to have to say goodbye again. Plus, I don’t want to hear anybody say “how can we miss you if you won’t go away?”

Here’s one thing I won’t miss about Memphis. We watched the 6 o’clock news tonight and here was the first 10 minutes:
murder. crooked cops. mom gives her baby away. Another murder and, my favorite, “An update on a breaking news story we first brought you today at noon”. Why do you have to roll the breaking news open to tell us the story broke 6 hours ago but here’s an update? Another channel last night told me how to avoid being carjacked. Here’s a good way, move away from Memphis.

News is quite different in Nashville.


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