Spelling Bee in HD

Don’t know why, but the whole family watched the last hour of the National Spelling Bee. I’d never watched this event before tonight but did like the documentary “Spellbound”.

What it is about this thing that’s so intriguing? Is it simply the amazement that these pre-teens can spell words like abranchiate, diatessaron and lachrymose? Or is it because it’s real, there’s no group of writers putting words in actors mouths or fancy camera work or instant replays?

The two finalists were just fascinating. Every time I thought “well, that’s that for her”, she’d find the letters in her mind and put them in the exact order.

I was surprised that ABC opted to broadcast the finals in prime-time but heck, it’s summertime, what else do they have? I’ll be curious to see how many folks tuned in.


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One response to “Spelling Bee in HD

  1. Southern Girl

    My family tuned in, watched, and loved every minute of it. I almost always catch the earlier rounds on ESPN. I don’t know…watching kids work hard at something academic and succeed (just getting to the finals is an accomplishment), seeing their individual quirks and stories — it’s a lot better than watching a bunch of people eat disgusting things on an island to win an ugly necklace for a week. 😉

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