Is A Memphis Station Going to VJs???

Heard tonight from a friend who talked to a photographer from WMC, that the Raycom station is about to start using the vj model to gather and report the news.

Now I don’t know how true this is and if I’m wrong, someone please let me know. If it is true, congratulations! I personally like vj stories (of course, I am a vj) but I would like it even if I were a regular viewer.

If this is true, there will be lots of rumblings and disgruntled folks, not just at AN5 but across the street too. (If they’re gonna do it, we’ll probably do it too). Read a few message boards and you’ll see plenty of criticism for using smaller cameras and one-man vj crews to gather the news.

But what many people in the business don’t understand about the vj concept, is it’s much easier than it sounds. I’ve talked to several reporters recently who work in traditional news who are getting burned out fast. They turn 1, sometimes 2 different packages each day. They also do live shots, sometimes at noon, 4, 4:30, 5, and 6. They produce vo/sots from their packages, find new ways to tell the same story for different newscasts and then have to stop and re-write the story for the web and upload the information before they’re done for the day.

VJs, turn 3-4 stories a week. Period. I maintain a blog but we have someone else to put the video on the internet. Since we have such a large number of crews in the field every day, rarely do we re-cut packages as a vo/sot. We also don’t do multiple liveshots for the same story. I’ve never been asked to turn two stories on two different subjects for the same day.

So criticize away, if that’s what you like to do. Personally, I prefer this new way to gather and report the news. And if WMC is making the move to the vj, I look forward to seeing it.


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  1. Anonymous

    They need to do something over there ’cause their numbers are tanking quickly.

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