Falling Flat on National TV

Was the music just plain awful on tv Tuesday night or does my tv need it’s pitch tuned?

Katherine Mcfee on American Idol was flat on two of the three songs she sang. The last one was horrible. You know you did a bad job on Idol when Randy Jackson starts his critique with “yo, yo, yo…you know what? You look great tonight.”

Then I switch it over to CBS to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards and it was worse. Keith Urban started flat and never seemed to hit the right note. Sarah Evans (big fan here) sounded like her earpiece wasn’t working and she couldn’t hear herself.

Brooks and Dunn sounded great on “I Believe” but it seems everybody else is about a half-pitch down from where they ought to have been. One of my roomates, who runs sound for some of the big groups in Nashville says it sounds like the guys mixing the music for CBS don’t know what they’re doing. He says the vocals overpowered the rest of the band and that accentuates any pitch problems. If that’s the case, CBS ought to make sure that sound mixer doesn’t work on a live music event again.

Big disappointment here. Or was it just my tv or are my ears out of pitch?

Well, it must not be my tv. Martina McBride sounded terrific. No pitch problems for her. I remember interviewing Martina way back in 1991 when she had just left her job of selling tv shirts on Garth’s tour. Best voice in music. Also, worth sitting through all of the flat sounding singers was the tribute to Buck Owens. Billy Gibbons, Dwight Yoakum, Brad Paisley and Chris Heilman sang the songs I grew up hearing on Hee Haw. Hated it back then, but it must be cool now. The drummer for Blink 142 (or some number) played the beat with his spiked mohawk.

And one last thing. Whoever was in charge of keeping the show on time should be next to the sound mixer in the unemployment line. The biggest award of the night was practically thrown in the window of a moving car of Kenny Chesney. I don’t know if they even announced all of the nominees before quickly saying “KENNY CHESNEY”.
Chesney deserves the big award and should have been giving the male vocalist of the year award too.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad Kenny won ETOY, but I’m glad Keith won Male Vocalist. I didn’t think Keith’s voice sounded flat, but rather kinda hoarse. There was some strange sounding technical glitch right in the middle of his performance. I Keith playing with B&D on Believe and Ronnie has an amazing voice, but he sounded flat toward the end of the song but the performance was amazing despite that. Poor Sara sounded the worst she’s ever sounded in her life they night she finally wins Female Vocalist.

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