Best Place to Live

I see these surveys or reports coming out nearly every week. “such and such magazine says ‘insert name of any city here’ is one of the best places in America to live.”

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance names Nashville as THE TOP CITY in America to live, based on the economy, schools, the arts and affordability. I couldn’t agree more. For the past 4 months I’ve lived here and it’s certainly lived up to my expectations. Friendly too. Coming from Memphis I’ve been a bit surprised at the number of folks who speak to you in the parking lots or in stores. And you know what else??? The folks working the counters and the drive-thrus at fast food places actually seem to care about your order! No kidding!

I was in a Wendy’s in Memphis once, standing in line about to place my order and a panhandler taps me on the shoulder and asks for money. IN LINE!!! Then after I placed my order the girl at the register couldn’t find the french-fry guy. He had slipped out the backdoor and was talking to a buddy in the parking lot. After about 5 minutes he came back in and then stuffed something in his pocket with his french-fry glove still on, and then started grabbing fries to put in my bag.

Now, about the affordability thing. I find Nashville to be a lot more expensive to live than Memphis. Of course, if you look at the people who live here you’ve got multi-millionares and in Memphis you’ve got the highest number of bankruptcy filings in Tennessee and maybe the country. Home prices are beyond compare, even in DeSoto County where prices are around $100 per square foot. Brentwood and Franklin homes are in the $130-$180 per sq. foot and even in Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville you’ll see more $120 per sq. foot homes than not.

Speaking of homes, we have one now. We put a contract on a house yesterday and will be moving in the first week of June. What a relief. Few things stress me out more than selling, finding and then buying homes. We’ve decided on Hendersonville and a school district many consider to be the finest in the state.

Feels like home to me.


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  1. mike

    I’m glad that part is finally over and you can settle in. Here’s to an easy and safe move.

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