Connection or Far Fetched?

My sister-in-law called today, asking if I knew of the Memphis anchor arrested last week on a 30-something year old charge.
Then, she pointed us to a website with an interesting theory.

The site: has a very lengthy article on Ron Meroney plus some interesting questions regarding the disappearance of two young girls around the same time Ron was in the Baltimore area. You’ll have to read it, if you’re into this case.

But the most interesting part, and downright creepy too, is the artist rendering from two descriptions of a man seen talking to these young girls just before they disappeared.

Remember, this was a suspect from 1975, when Ron would have been in his mid to upper 30s.
What do you think? Is the author of the website just trying to stir something up or is he on to something here?


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One response to “Connection or Far Fetched?

  1. Anonymous

    I think it needs looking into.
    You never know. Looks like he sure fooled all of us.

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