What’s in a Name?

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a big baseball fan. For the past couple of weeks (since Opening Day) I’ve set my XM satellite radio on the baseball channels and stopped listening to anything else.

My fantasy team is currently in first place. And I’m constantly scanning the stats and waiver wires for possible changes. One thing about fantasy baseball that I love, is the creativity people have for naming their teams. I named my team Tuck’s Friars in the mid-90s and have kept the name since. I did toy with the idea of naming my team “Pray for Rain” at one time.

But today, the folks over at USA Today posted a contest and named winners for the best Fantasy Team names. The winners, are hilarioius so I thought I’d share them here.

There’s Chico’s Bail Bonds (from Bad News Bears). Scared Hitless, The Runs, Joe Mamas and Broke Bat Mountain.
There’s the Fowl Balls, Pabst Smears, Me Love You Long Ball, Tejada they Come, Tejada they Fall. And the best, according to USA Today…The Haas of Payne ( a play on the last names of the two owners).

Personally, I think “Pray for Rain” could have been on the list but I didn’t know about the contest until the winners were announced.


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