Memphis Police: "It’s a Mystery Murder" "No It’s not".

“You’re bleeding!”
“No I’m not”.
Monty Python “Search for the Holy Grail”

So now Memphis police say Logan Young’s death is not a “mystery murder investigation” as they said after finding the body. The Memphis spokesperson used those exact words yesterday. Today, he told reporters “I did not say that”, and then backtracked on even saying they were investigating a murder!

That got a lot of play on Birmingham radio today. One caller said “well tomorrow they may come out and say he’s really not dead!”. Sounds to me like after Logan’s son interviewed with police and lawyered up with the two high-priced attorney’s (Steve Farese and Leslie Ballin, the same attorneys representing Mary Winkler in the murder of her minister husband) somebody called the police spokesman in the office today and said “go back out there and clean it up in the media”.

Everything that was reported yesterday, coming from police, was that Logan Young was brutally beaten and murdered. There was blood all over the house. And now today, spokesperson Vince Higgins actually tells reporters “I did not say that”. Well, yes he did. It was played on every television station in Memphis and Alabama. Something tells me somebody got a good chewing out this morning.

I heard from a doctor this afternoon who says it might not be murder after all.

This doctor, who’s familiar with liver transplants says it’s quite possible that Logan Young died from complications from his recent liver transplant. This doctor says transplant patients most often receive a shunt, which if I understand it correctly, means Logan might have had a tube coming out of his arm making possible a daily dialysis easier and possible on his own. This doctor says he’s personally seen cases where the tube accidentally comes out of the arm causing massive bleeding. “I’ve even seen the blood shoot out and hit the ceiling”.

Hearing this, it seems possible and conceivable that Young may have had an accident in his home and the tube came out causing massive bleeding. And if blood was found throughout the Young home, it’s quite possible that Logan was rushing around his house to call or find help.

I don’t know what the Memphis media is reporting today (I’m back in Nashville) but I’ll be curious to see how this plays out in the papers and on tv.


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