Is Another recruting scandal beating related to the Logan Young case?

If we find out that Logan Young was beaten and murdered in his home, I wonder if Memphis police might re-open an unsolved assault case from about 2 years ago.

It was then that lawyer Phillip Shanks of Germantown arrived at his office and was greeted with a thump on the head.

I covered that attack and got to Shanks’ office just a short time after police left. Shanks, who at the time was representing one of the coaches being investigated in the recruiting scandal, told me someone attacked him, knocked him out and then stole something out of his office. “Jamey…they got the Tennessee file”.

The Tennessee file was everything Shanks and Tommy Gallion had put together to show that UT head coach Phil Fulmer had been involved in turning Alabama in and, according to Shanks, also showed some illegalities on the part of Coach Fulmer and UT. At one point, Shanks felt they had enough to go after Fulmer. He told me they didn’t want to just have him charged with a crime, they wanted to tear him down as a head football coach.

At the time of the attack, some close to the NCAA case told me they thought the attack was a fabrication. That was also a rumor among most UT fans. They felt Shanks wanted to come across in the media as if a UT booster might have been behind the attack and the theft of the file. That’s impossible for me to know.

But that case never went anywhere. Two years later there has never been an arrest. But now I wonder if we find out that Logan was beaten to death, if police might look back at that attack to see if they could be related….


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