Easier Now

I’ve still got the stone or stones. The doctor was pretty sure he broke up the kidney stone Friday using lasers but I won’t be satisfied until I see it.

So today..I drank water. Lots and lots of water. I’m talking 30 full glasses since noon (at least).

As a result, I’ve spent more time at #1 than the U.S.C Trojans the past 3 football seasons. Tonight, I was making a pp run every 5 minutes!

I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow and had hoped to bring along a little harvest bag of goodies. But I don’t have anything yet. The pain isn’t as bad but I’ve stayed on my meds since getting out of the hospital Friday. A friend told me today it takes a good day to get those painkillers out of your system once you stop taking them. I’m gonna try to get off of them tomorrow so I can get back to work on Tuesday.


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