This too shall pass

For those who’ve never had a kidney stone…count your blessings.

After the procedure to break up the stone yesterday morning I was prepared to pass the fragments naturally. With a little pain, of course. But so far…barely anything.

This morning was particularly tough. Probably the most pain I’ve ever experienced for about 3 straight hours. My hopes of covering tonight’s Dove Awards are gone and it looks as though I won’t make it back to work until the first of next week.

I’ve talked to women who’ve had both kidney stones and babies and they tell me the stones were the most painful. I can’t compare the two but I can’t imagine child birth being any more painful than these kidney stones.

I’ll go back to the doc tomorrow morning for x-rays and an evaluation of where the stone is and how much of it was broken apart. If the pictures look good, I’ll keep drinking water and try to do it the natural way. Otherwise…I suppose another, more painful procedure will be scheduled.

The station has been great about all of this. My assistant news director went through the same thing a few weeks ago and has genuine empathy. They’ve told me to not worry about missing the awards show and plan to see me next week. That helps a bunch.

Thanks for the kind words and the prayers.



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3 responses to “This too shall pass

  1. mike

    I’ve been down this road. My first attack was exactly as if someone stuck an icy stiletto into my groinal area. Knocked me down to the floor.

    Drink lots and lots of water unless the stone is blocking the canal. It helps. BTW, if you have to have the stent, it’s not that bad at all! Insertion is a quick procedure; not painful. And you’ll be glad for the relief! 😉 Removal isn’t painful, except for the painkiller injection, and also real quick. It’s an office procedure. So don’t fear on those counts.

    Mostly, just drink and continue to drink lots of water. At least a liter or two a day. It’s good for you anyway.

  2. newsmama4

    PLEASE let us know the Tucker family is safe…the stone has passed…and that everyone is ok!!

    You’ve had a rough two weeks. Hang tight to your faith, Jamey. A very wise person once told me, “People only put you on a pedestal to get a better shot at you!” So true!

  3. jamey tucker

    thanks newsmama4

    I was waiting for Pat Robertson to leave a comment that the kidney stone was a curse from God for using audio from that funeral service last week.
    I’m getting better.

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