It’s The Most Wonderful Season of All….

I pride myself in taking a day away from work each “Opening Day” of the baseball season. I started back in the mid-90s when I bought one of those 900-foot satellite dishes that gave me games day and night over the 172 game season.

That vacation day was spent dialing through the channels, grilling out some burgers and steaks, and having a couple friends over to enjoy the beginning of spring.

Through the years, I’ve either taken a vacation day or swapped a day over the weekend to take that Monday off. Last season, I was self-employed.

But this year I figured to break my string of opening day tv watching. This is the beginning of Gospel Music Week in Nashville and since it’s an event I’ve always wanted to cover, I figured if I were going to work on Opening Day, this might as well be it.

Then Saturday hit me like a gunshot to the gut.

It started with a little backpain, followed by a severe stomach ache. I resisted going to the hospital. For about a half-hour.

After CAT scans and sedatives the doctor on duty told me I have a kidney stone. OMG the pain. She told me it was only about 2mm in size and would probably be passed naturally over the next 24 hours.

Didn’t happen. But instead of watching the first games of the year from my couch via a sick day. I spent a good part of it at the doctor’s office. Nope, it’s not 2mm but closer to 6mm and will require a trip to the hospital tomorrow for a procedure. I’ll leave that at that.

So I start Opening Day on the DL but will try to get back ASAP to cover the GMAs on WED. Maybe I’ll blog later tonight after the pain medication kicks in. Won’t that be fun.


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  1. bishop


    STay up and encouraged! keep God first!

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