Taxes or Baseball

I wish the IRS would change the April 15th tax date. It always interferes in something that keeps me awfully busy this time of year.

Tomorrow is the annual fantasy baseball draft with a league back at WHNT in Huntsville. I’ve been part of this league since 1993. There’s no money involved, just pride and braggin’ rights, (the winner also signs an old Southern League baseball which serves as a trophy).

I’ve won the league several times. Many years I win one half of the season championship only to lose the World Series after we draft players in the big series.

Last year, Amy Gunnin-George beat me in the WS after a horrible post-season draft by Tuck’s Friars.

So instead of working more on getting my tax returns together tonight, I’ll cram for the draft. The other team owners gather in the newsroom at WHNT while I phone it in. I’ll be on the phone for most of the afternoon.

Yeah, it probably sounds silly to you. My wife couldn’t agree with you more. One of my former co-anchors refused to call it “fantasy baseball” preferring “pretend baseball” instead.

It’s better than filling out a tournament bracket. And it’ll keep me occupied and interested in the game from April-October. I’ll pour over boxscores every morning and every night, looking for who’s hot and who’s not. I’ll keep statistics on my computer and talk smack with the other owners.

I can’t wait.


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  1. Anonymous

    Are you going to respond to the article on claiming you “snuck in” a hidden microphone to the funeral of the murdered minister from Tennessee? This doesn’t sound like something you would do. If it did happen, did your boss tell you to do it? Please go on the record, otherwise many people will believe the Newsblues article and think less of your journalistic standards.

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