CyA Wendi. Hello Mike?

I’ve been pretty critical of the Commercial Appeal in recent weeks. Not about it’s reporting or it’s staff but about it’s content.

I point again to the Sports section today. Spring training is going on in Florida and Arizona, the World Baseball Classic is being played and I dare you to find more than a foul-tip of baseball coverage in today’s edition.

But I write today on the announced departure of Wendi Thomas. The metro columnist has certainly drawn attention in the two years she’s been on the job. But like a comedian during a presidential election, the Metro Columnist in Memphis will always have plenty of good material to work with.

So Wendi’s off to Baltimore. Who will the C.A. hire to replace her?

Here’s my suggestion. Mike Hollihan of HalfBakered.

It makes sense doesn’t it? The C.A. is interested in community reporters, encouraging local readers to submit their own articles, columns and photographs. So why not hire a community blogger as it’s Metro Columnist? Who wants to see another ‘outsider’ coming in as a columnist? Reporter, fine. Reporters cover events and report. Columnists give us their opinions and thoughts. Read the archives over at Halfbakered and you’ll find some darn good stuff. Well written, insightful and interesting commentary on life in Memphis.

So come on Chris Peck. Wendi leaves before the end of the month. Give Mike a go. You thought Wendi stuck it to the people who needed sticking? Wait’ll Mike aims his pen.


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  1. mike

    You rock Jamey. Thanks for the plug.

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