Odds and Ends

Well WKRN’s ratings are up. Way up in some cases. Of course we benefited during February because of the lack of interest in the Olympics but it’s still a good sign that people are taking a look at our newscasts.

Our stories from vjs have gotten much better. Our story count in the newscasts are higher than any other station I’ve ever worked for. The coolest thing for viewers is that we’re covering stories that are never covered in traditional newsrooms with 4-6 2-man crews. I think our viewers have noticed. We’ve gotten excellent reviews from the local newspapers and every day I’m out I hear from people who say they’ve changed their viewing habits to watch News 2. I can’t say that I’ve ever been more happy with a station I’ve worked for. Maybe in Huntsville when 19 started climbing from #2 or 3 to #1. Yeah, it’s like that.

I covered a cool story today on Christian tattoos. You can see it on our website wkrn.com
That’s a story I’d never be able to do in a traditional newsroom when I’m having to chase down whatever story made page A1 in the newspaper.

Speaking of newspapers, what the heck is with the changes with the Commercial Appeal? Last weekend I didn’t spend more than 15 minutes reading the entire paper! I actually spent more time reading the online editions of the Nashville Tennessean and Birmingham News than I did with the CA.
I counted only 4 stories in the Sports section and less than that in the pitiful Business section. My wife is even more frustrated and disappointed in it. They’ve moved all of the Community stuff into the regular part of the paper which she hates. At least with the old way we could easily find the things we were most interested in by turning to the DeSoto Appeal section. When we got to Sunday School everybody was talking about the change and nobody liked it. We’re thinking of switching our subscription to the DeSoto Times.
I’ll be interviewed tomorrow by Air America for a show on religion. A reporter called me today to ask if I’d be interested. The segment features people talking about faith. They were intrigued at the fact that I cover religion and will feature the segment during their Sunday afternoon show.
And I’m ready for American Idol to get interesting again. This year’s crop of contestants don’t wow me. It’s probably their song choices. Just to spice it up I’d love to hear that geeky looking kid sing “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” and wouldn’t you love to hear Mandisa sing C.W McCall’s “Convoy”?

My early favorites are
Mandisa and Katharine McPhee. The guys don’t seem to have “it” this time around.


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  1. mike

    Jamey: Your song choices for the geeky guy and Mandisa are inspired. They do need something to spice up the song collection and I’d pay to hear Mandisa sing ‘Convoy.’

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