TV Types Better Hope This Fails

A daily newspaper is jumping into the daily video broadcast business of news. The Naples News from Naples, Florida announced it will begin producing a daily newscast available on cable tv, the internet and via a podcast.

They’ll use the newspaper reporters and photographers they have on staff already and someone, (the article doesn’t specify if they’ll hire new videographers or train current staff) will capture the news on video and broadcast it daily.

Studio 55 will debut April 3rd. It’ll be available at at 4 each afternoon and will also be broadcast on cable 4 times each evening. The newscasts will feature traffic, weather and sports in addition to the news of Collier County.




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3 responses to “TV Types Better Hope This Fails

  1. mike

    It’s been tried before on community access channels. The biggest problem the paper has is their reporters don’t write for the “ear.” Try reading a newspaper article outloud. It’s long, full of tongue twisters and all the facts are jammed into the first graph. Newspapers have scads of sources and stories to tell. But there is a difference in reporting styles between the two mediums. I wish these guys success but if it works it will be the first time.

  2. UPnDC


    You may have seen this, but check out

    Click on the “newscast” link. Obviously “amateur”, sometimes dated, but the idea is solid. Someone who has basic skills could take this and make it work well. Hyper-hyper local, internet delivered and also on local cable. Not a bad idea from an enterprising local radio owner. Cheap, costs nothing to produce, can be done easily and quickly every day with off the shelf software and a decent camera. It obviously can sell. Check out how easy it is with this software.

    The first “anchor” ended up with a job at WMC….

    Interesting idea for the “bedroom” market just outside the “metro”

  3. jamey tucker

    I have seen it. The folks at Serious Magic have some serious software that helps anyone do a newscast with just a simple camera, editing gear and a green screen. I use it for The ACTS Network. I shoot the segments in my bonus room on a green screen and upload the video to a server. Churches then download the videos every week and use them in church. Take a look at them, they’re on my website every Monday.

    Schools are doing this now and because of the flattening of the world (“The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman) almost anyone can produce a newscast or a show and put it on the internet for the entire world to see.
    The folks at Rocketboom do this so well one marketing company suggests they could make about a million a year in advertising.

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