Yeah for Reese

Glad to see Reese Witherspoon win the Best Actress Oscar. And what a great acceptance speech. News 2’s Mitch Roberts did a great story Friday visiting Reese’s old high school and talked with her former teachers in Nashville. It was especially good to see her win for the role of June Carter Cash.

I admit I pull more for the characters than for the actual actors and actresses in the big award shows. I liked Jamie Foxx winning last year for Ray.

Another good moment tonight was Robert Altman’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Altman shot “Cookie’s Fortune” several years ago down the road in Holly Springs so we went to visit the set. We managed to watch Altman eat lunch with Glenn Close and brushed elbows on the street with Julianne Moore.

I’m a big fan of Altman’s films (Short Cuts, MASH, Nashville, The Player) and his tv episodes (Bonanza, Alfred Hitchcock, Combat).

The show’s been pretty good. Jon Stewart is a pretty good host, not as good as Billy Crystal or Whoopi or even Letterman and no where near Johnny Carson or Bob Hope.


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