Nip It

TV Land has been airing a Don Knotts Tribute all day. A marathon of episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show”.

If TAGS isn’t my #1 all time favorite show it’s in the top 3. So today, while watching these episodes I tried to put my favorite episodes in order.

#10 The Governor Comes to Town Barney writes the Governor a ticket but instead of losing his job, the Governor comes to shake his hand. Barney gets drunk off of moonshine Otis puts in the cooler. Barney’s never funnier than when he’s drunk

#9 The Pickle Episode Aunt Bea makes 8 quarts of kerosene cucumbers for the county fair. Includes the line from Barney “shoo fly. He’s dead.”

#8 Opie’s Charity Andy tries to get Opie to be more charitable. Includes the line: “I ain’t ever seen a half a boy. Poor Horatio”.

#7 My Fair Ernest T Bass The boys try to clean up the mountain man for a society party. Includes the line: “how do you do Mrs. Wiley?”

#6 Barney and Floyd held hostage Andy tries to get them out but the three women convicts want to dance and keep calling Barney “Al”

#5 Man in a hurry Gomer has to wait on a part to fix a man’s car. Malcolm Tucker learns the peacefulness of a small town despite two little old ladies who tie up the party line.

#4 The Mayberry Minutemen Andy tries to get Opie and the boys interested in history. Includes the line from Barney: “Will you help us?”

#3 A Date for Gomer Gomer won’t leave Andy & Helen and Barney and Thelma Lou alone so they get him a date. Includes the line: “you’re hair’s dripping.”

#2 The Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot The only TAGS episode with both Gomer and Goober who sews up his fingers and talks like Edward G Robinson in his show debut.

#1 Barney Buys a Car Barney empties his savings to buy a used car from hubcaps Lesh. Includes the line from Gomer: “Well she’s gonna need: plugs, points, bearings, valves, rings, starter switch, ignition wire, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, clutch bearings, clutch plate, radiator hose and radiator hose cover. And I’d give her a good wash too.”

There are too many great episodes to include in just a top ten list. I’ve left out Malcolm Merriweather, Mr. McBeevee, several of Otis’ shows, several from Goober and several Ernest T Bass episodes.

My favorite Pyle is Gomer, not Goober (though the episode of Goober taking the car apart narrowly missed my top ten). My favorite of Andy’s girfriends was probably Peggy though I liked Ellie better than Helen.
Of the colorized episodes I liked Howard better than Emmit but neither as much as Floyd. And I’ll bet you didn’t know that Opie had a brother!

It was in Mayberry RFD when we heard that Andy and Helen had a baby. Funny, it was never mentioned again in the “Return to Mayberry” reunion of about 10 years ago. Ron Howard seems to have a nack for tv siblings who disappear. Remember Chuck from Happy Days?


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  1. mike

    It was great writing and charachter development that made that show. Now days most shows go for the cheap laugh at someones expense.

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