The Worst Part of American Idol

I really like American Idol. The first few weeks when the judges are listening to the good bad and ugly are some of the most enjoyable episodes on tv. When the contestants get to Hollywood it’s always entertaining because of the back-biting and cat fights over who skipped practice, who slept late and who doesn’t get along with whom.

But this week???

It stinks. Last night’s Girl’s Night was horrible. I finally switched channels to watch “The Amazing Race”. Tonight’s Boy’s Night is off to a bad start too. Taylor, the guy carrying the Birmingham torch was lousy tonight. Suede hit more bad notes than good. And the geeky little guy couldn’t get a gig at a county fair.

And what’s Randy and Paula smoking? They love everybody, no matter how much they stink. They all jump on Simon but he seems like the only sober one on the show. And Paula needs to learn when to talk and when to shut it. Her interuptions of Simon’s critiques are just uncalled for an annoying. Yes, Simon can be rude but he doesn’t interupt her like she jumps in on his comments.

I’ve switched off Idol for now. I’ll watch “Big Break V” on the Golf Channel or “Beauty and the Geek” on the WB until the show moves along to the final 8 or so.


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