Oh Crap, was that for the Stern Show?

Boy this new technology makes things move fast. Late in the day yesterday I proposed that I say the “s word” in a standup for a story on profanity. I proposed that we bleep it out. My GM blogged about the question early last night and asked for comments and response.

Early this morning, a buddy told me that the question had made it to the headlines on NewsBlues. It seems that the FCC plans to issue a ruling that the ‘s word’ is indecent and will fine stations and networks that air it.

Mike had about 18 comments on his blog late in the morning. By lunchtime, Sirrius Satellite radio was on the phone. Sirrius is the home of Howard Stern now.

I hesitated to talk to the reporter but then figured I could at least tell him the nature of my story and basically repeat what had already been blogged by me and Mike. The reporter, Mike Piazza, wanted to know if I felt that the FCC ruling would hurt my story. “Do you feel hamstrung by the FCC ruling on the S-word?” he asked. I told him no, since I never really wanted to air the word but preferred to bleep it out.

Now I don’t know if or how the interview will be used by Sirrius. Because of the nature of Stern’s programs and his fight with the FCC over indecency and obscenities, I wouldn’t be surprised if they use it on the show. I don’t know that they were happy that I didn’t criticize the FCC and think if I did say that my story on profanity would be lessened or harmed by being placed in verbal handcuffs that it would have added to their case.

But if they do use it on Stern’s show it will be the second time I’ve made the Howard Stern Show.

The first was a few years ago when I interviewed Mike Tyson in a press conference before a fight and I mistakenly thought the champ’s months old baby in his lap was a girl. “What’s your little girl’s name?” I asked. “What?” “What’s your little girl’s name?”.

“This ain’t no girl.” Mike sharply replied. “This is Mike’s boy”.

Well that question and his response was played on ESPN about 100 times in the next few days and I hear Howard got a big kick out of it and may have even taken a swipe at the idiot reporter who asked the question.

I don’t believe I said anything today that was the least bit provocative (or stupid) but with Stern, there’s no telling what he might pull out of it. I probably should have told them “no comment” but I hate it when someone says that to me. I only repeated what I’d already blogged, but still I’m having second thoughts about even answering the phone.

I don’t have Sirrius and I’ve already posted what I think about Stern’s shtick. But if you hear anything let me know.


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