TV Bits and Pieces

Is it February?

Roger Simmons, who has a website/blog which covers Orlando, FL tv, posted a link earlier today to two myspace websites. Sorry, this Mac laptop software doesn’t allow for adding links, so you’ll have to copy this and paste it in your browser.

Frankly, I think this is a couple of sweeps stories.

Also, Lost Remote is reporting that KUSA, the NBC affil in Denver has hired it’s first vj. This is big since KUSA is one of the top photography shops in the country. Meanwhile, there’s lots of debate about vjs on in the message board area. A couple of former WKRN VJs who didn’t like the new system have posted some pretty negative opinions. Now I don’t expect every videographer to like the vj model. I expect most of them to hate it. I also expect a lot of reporters to hate it. It’s a big change and it’s more work.

But I’ll also say it again, it suites me fine. I’m a little surprised that I like it as much as I do. Granted, I’m covering a beat (religion and ethics) which is more suited for vj work. I understand how run-and-gun, 5-6 packages a week plus liveshots and vo/sots could be nearly impossible for vjs. But I believe the primary goal behind this idea is to improve the content and story count in newscasts. That’s what viewers have been complaining about for years.

My mom and dad used to watch the news 3 times each day. Last time I was home mom told me “we’ll watch the 5 or 6 but after that…you just see the same stuff over and over again”. How often do you see a reporter cover the same story for the 4, 4:30, 5 and 6? I know I’ve done my share of repeated broadcasts. Change it from a package to a vo/sot and put it in another part of the newscast.

I believe new stories make newcasts better. I believe beats make the newscasts better. You can’t do either in a traditional two-person crew newsroom.

Yup, being a vj is harder. You’ve got twice the work to do. You can’t talk it up with a person while the videographer gets the shots. You can’t work on the lead-in and tag while the story’s being edited. But for me personally, it’s the only way I’d want to be back in the tv news business.


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  1. Weaver

    Heidi is from the town I live in and call home, Thomasville, NC. She grew up here so I’m surprised that she’s leaving, but if I was single with no kids I wouldn’t stay put around here either.

    She’s a great shooter, writer, editor, reporter and she has ‘the look’.

    I enjoyed working with her as the competition.


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