The Explosion

When I loaded up the truck this morning for the trip back to Nashville, I was surprised to find ice INSIDE the truck.

It was early and I was already running late. When I put the milk crate holding batteries, chargers, cds, hand sanitizer, makeup powder and everything else I might need on a day of reporting, I found brown ice all over the seats, the floorboard, the windows and the dash.

“What the?” It was odd. First time I think I’ve seen brown ice on the inside of a vehicle. I stared at it for awhile, trying to figure out where it came from. And then I remembered.

Friday on my return trip to Memphis, I found a deal on a 4 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper. I had one on the way home but left the others in the floorboard. So sometime this morning, when the temperature crawled down into the teens, one of those cans of DDP commenced to exploding.

I found the can, shredded from the release of pressure in the front floorboard. The top part of the can, bent but otherwise intact, was found in the back. That must have been something to see. Thank goodness it was still below freezing so the cleanup was simple and quick with the Shop Vac. I carefully removed the remaining two frozen cans and was on my way.

And by the way, as I type this I realize how I miss Peggy’s website. Surely I’m not the only one.


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