And now its gone

I’m disappointed. I suppose the folks at peggybluestv.blogspot must have won.

Peggy’s blog is gone. I’ll post more on this when I have time.

it’s not a technicality. Peggy has pulled the plug on her blog. A shame really.

I’ve said all along that I don’t understand why management at the 4 stations in Memphis refuse to give permission to their employees to have their own blogs. Well, thanks to the folks at peggybluestv, management can say “that’s why.”

Apparently, there are some reporters/photographers and other employees who aren’t mature enough to hold their tongue or their fingertips when given an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. Management has to feel that every word that comes out of reporters and anchors must be given approval by a manager.

They can’t behave themselves. They take everything personally and can’t contain themselves from typing out in anger.

Peggy posted her opinions on her blog. Sometimes she made pointed comments at the other stations. Big deal. Nothing is stopping the other stations from giving the greenlight to reporter blogs or news director blogs. Blogs are free. Reporters in Memphis are not.

Here in Nashville, we have about a dozen reporters and photographers and anchors with their own blog. Heck, my general manager (far and away the coolest and brightest gm I’ve ever had) has his own blog. News 2 has even hired it’s own full-time blogger!

You know the difference? Why WKRN can have so many employees with bogs and Memphis can’t?

Take a look at and then

Then you’ll know.

A shame.



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3 responses to “And now its gone

  1. jamey tucker

    sorrry I had to delete the above comment. I will give you the censored version:

    from anonymous: You are a suck up.

    now my reply:
    why would I be sucking up to Peggy? I’m not in that market and have no desire to go back.

    Oh…and thanks for further proving my point that some of the media folks in Memphis can’t be civil when they don’t have someone looking over their shoulder to make sure they don’t say something stupid.

  2. Anonymous

    Peggy’s blog may not currently exist on the blogosphere but Peggy Blogspot spirit lives (

  3. bishop

    All of this is very childish and trivial on both parts.

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