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I’m surprised it took this long.

Someone or someones have come up with a blog to put Peggy in her place. has been up for nearly 2 weeks. It’s clearly written by a few posters who either used to work at 5 or are just angry that Peggy shares her opinions and thoughts at

I’ve read some of the posts from the past few days. These folks have thrown down the gauntlet and promise Peggy “the ride of her life.” Judging from Peggy’s post today she’s not all that worried.

This could be an interesting blog, but only if the authors lose the chip on their collective shoulders and post thoughtful opinions and not what they’ve done thus far.

They look to blame Peggy for everything in this market. I expect they’ll point fingers to her for the lack of evidence of WMDs, the Olympic Park bombing, the struggles of the Democratic party, and the reason the yogurt in their refrigerator went bad.

Here’s hoping they come up with something more than whining about Peggy and Channel 5. And here’s hoping their identity is never revealed. One could lose a job at one of the other stations over something like this.


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