Seems management down on the river pulled the plug on a reporter blog Friday. Peggy posted a link to the site sometime Friday morning. When I looked at it I thought, and even said out loud “that’ll be gone by the 5 o’clock news”.

Daralene Jones hasn’t been at 3 long enough I suppose to fully comprehend and understand that management controls everything.

So Jones jumped into the blogosphere without telling anyone or asking for permission. The blog entries weren’t about 3 or giving away information on series pieces or inside workings of the station. She blogged about going to Wal-Mart and buying food and hair care products. She blogged about going to a Grizzlies game and getting popcorn in her hair. Big deal!

But you can’t do things like that there. Go to work. Do the stories they tell you to do and the way they tell you to do them. Wait until the clock on the wall says you’ve worked a full day and then go home until it’s time to come back. And keep your phone and pager charged up. Just in case.



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2 responses to “NO BLOG FOR YOU!

  1. Anonymous

    To my understanding she had that blog before she began working at 3.

    Why it was unplugged? I don’t know.

    But I’m sure calling in sick a couple of weeks ago and being seen at a Grizzlies game that night didn’t help her relationship with management.

    Just saying. That’s all.

  2. Anonymous

    You want something to talk about… You should wonder how peggy is feeling about the new blog thats dedicated to her and all the problems she causes. I can see that blog sticking around for awhile.

    How will management like those apples

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