Blown Calls

I’m not a Seahawks fan. I do admit I was pulling for them tonight, not real hard though.

But Jeezalou, after watching one bad call after another, I wonder how much closer this game would have been if the refs had either blown the whistle more or less on certain plays.

For example:

Seattle’s Jackson was called for a pass interference as he caught a TD pass in the first quarter. Even the announcers said it was a bad call. Result: Instead of a TD the Seahawks settle for a field goal

Ben Roethlisberger DID NOT get the ball across the goal line in the 2nd quarter that gave the Steelers a 7-3 lead.

Then in the 4th quarter, the Seahawks have momentum. Hasselbeck completes a long pass to the Steelers 1 but it was called back because of a holding call. Madden and Michaels again say they didn’t see the holding call.

Instead of Seattle at the 1 with momentum and with the opportunity to take the lead 17-14 the Hawks had the ball at the 29. Two plays later, Hasselbeck throws an interception and then gets called for a low block on the guy he tackled.

Frustrating game to watch. I’m not saying the Seahawks would have won the game if those calls were made correctly, but it sure would have been a different game.


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  1. Anonymous

    I was pulling for the Steelers but felt the same way…you’d think in a Super Bowl they would be a little more even handed.

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