Monday Thoughts

I came back in town early for a story Sunday. It was the anniversary of Roe v Wade so I planned to cover the rallies on the capitol steps. The pro-choice rally was cancelled because of the rain, the pro-life rally moved inside.

There were about 1,200 people there but I was the only media in the room. At the end of the rally the emcee noted to the audience that the newspaper and tv stations declined to cover their event. I was within his sight so I motioned that Channel 2 had indeed covered the rally. He looked surprised (I guess my small Sony HDV camera didn’t look like a tv camera) and he announced to the crowd that Channel 2 was indeed there and the story would air later that night.

A few people started to clap, and soon the entire crowd was on it’s feet applauding. I got a standing O for just showing up. Pretty cool.

Today I started working on a story about the Italian lawsuit over the existence of Jesus. (I’d include a link to the newspaper story but using my laptop to update this blog doesn’t show a link icon in the blogger toolbar). You can do a google search for “Jesus trial” and you’ll find about 80 newspaper links to the story). Anyway, I told them I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it done in time for the evening news and that I might need a day and a half to get what I needed. Now, in my previous jobs in tv that would be an odd, if not unheard of request. But WKRN sees the value in working a story until it’s done. Reporters are able to put more time in a story if they need more time. Channel 2 can do that because it has enough reporters (because of the vj concept) to fill the news broadcasts and give others more time.

The story is being promoted for tomorrow’s 6pm show. I have a couple more interviews to go (one with a priest and another with a New Testament professor at Vandy’s Divinity School). It should be an interesting story and an even more interesting trial. I’ll try to follow it on

Two other thoughts on this Monday:

I tried a couple things that I swore I’d never try again.

The first: I ate at a Hardees today. Big deal, I know. But I haven’t eaten at a Hardees since my last terrible hamburger there nearly 10 years ago. I swore I’d never again eat one of their nasty burgers. Well, surprise! I had a Hardees burger today and it was the best fast food burger I’ve had in a long long time. They actually bring the burger to you now in a basket. Great hamburger. They’ve turned things around there, at least based on what I saw today in Franklin.

The second: I watched “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS. I saw the pilot and the first couple of weeks and was unimpressed. Tonight’s episode though was the best half-hour comedy I’ve seen in a mighty long time. Great writing and acting. I’ll watch it again.

And Claudia Barr debuts tonight at WREG. I’ll be interested in the reaction on Joe’s blog and Peggy’s

I’m not that surprised that 3 nabbed her. I’m disappointed that they didn’t give some of the current on-air female anchors a shot at it. Amy’s been there long enough to be a regular fill-in, so’s April and Stephanie. Markova is the first thought for the permanent role, but now that Claudia’s setting up shop I wonder if she’s the only one being considered.

Just some thoughts.


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