Now That’s More Like It

I felt more plugged in today. Given a morning to get to know some folks in the faith community of Nashville I managed to tune in, listen and jot down pages of notes and story ideas. I met with a pastor and then with a former pastor who will both be resources for stories.

Tonight I was invited to a fundraiser for a ministry. What a kick to walk in, pick up my name tag and see the names “Michael W Smith” and “Steven Curtis Chapman” on the same table. I spotted a familiar face and couldn’t place him. I vaguely recognized his name and was sure he was a musician. I thought I might have one of his cds, so as I made my way around the room I made sure to introduce myself.

I asked if I had heard any of his music and he said “oh no…I’m not a singer. I’m a pediatrician.” My bad, I thought. I surely figured I had outed myself as a wide-eyed Nashville newcomer who’s certain they’ve spotted a big star at the Walgreens. As we talked for a few minutes it dawned on me where I had met him. About 13 years ago I covered Fan Fair for the CBS affiliate in Anniston. I also produced a 30-minute special on country music. For part of the special I shot a segment at the famous Blue Bird cafe where aspiring songwriters come to perform in the once a week “open mic night.”

It was on that night that I interviewed a doctor in residence who happened to be an aspiring songwriter. This was the guy. How I remembered his interview is a mystery. Maybe because when you’re writing and editing a piece like that you see the same video about 100 times. Funny how the mind works. I also met several people in the Christian music industry that I had met while in Huntsville.

The response from people to what WKRN is doing by covering religion has been very positive. The blog should be up tomorrow. Today was an outstanding day.



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3 responses to “Now That’s More Like It

  1. Wendy

    A great contact in the Nashville area:

    When you interview him, tell him Wendy Howell Nations, from Memphis, says hello!

    I’m so happy for you, Jamey.

  2. jamey tucker

    Hey, thanks Wendy. I wish I had known that you know him. I met Rubel earlier this week, what a great resource for a religion reporter.
    I’ll tell him hello the next time I see him.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Jamey

    I’m so glad to find your blog, I’m one of your faithful viewers from Huntsville. I always check you out in the big M when I was in town. Glad to hear everythings going good in Nashville for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings !!

    P.S. Is this the Wendy Howell Nations that was at WHNT with you back in the day?

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