Beauty and the Geek

Don’t know what happened, but WGN didn’t air the first episode of “Beauty and the Geek” as advertised. It was supposed to debut at 8ct but instead “Rambo” was on.

Did anyone else see it? Where was it? WGN’s website showed it would be on at 8 and had no mention of Rambo on the lineup. I only get about a dozen channels on the hotel tv but WGN is one of them. Darned that Rambo.



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4 responses to “Beauty and the Geek

  1. Anonymous

    WGN only shows WB stuff in Chicago. The national website shows that Rambo: First Blood was scheduled.

    I’ve got it on TiVo if you want it. 🙂

  2. jamey tucker

    thanks for the info. I’m sure it’ll be repeated, maybe this weekend. Last season they repeated every week’s episode again the following night and again on the weekend.
    How was it?

  3. Phil

    It was on WB58. Channel 18 on Comcast. I just caught a couple of minutes as I surfed by.

  4. Anonymous

    It reruns next Wednesday at 8

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