Hitting the Road as a VJ

One of the benefits of being a vj is the freedom to shoot stories when they happen, regardless of your work schedule.

That was the situation last Wednesday when the best story was to be happening around midnight. Since the assignment desk didn’t need to schedule a photographer to work with me, I had the freedom to go back to the arena that night and shoot the story when the story was happening. In the old newsroom model, that story wouldn’t have been shot and told because of scheduling.

I’m back in Southaven today and will be headed to Tupelo in a couple of hours to shoot a story for air tomorrow. I will bring that tape back to my home studio where I will write and edit the package before driving it back to Nashville tomorrow.

Again, using the old model of a two-person news crew, I probably wouldn’t be able to shoot this story. The station would have to devote 2 people to driving the 5 1/2 hours to shoot it and the two days it would take to get it done. Not to mention the hotel and food bills.

I’m digging the vj model.



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3 responses to “Hitting the Road as a VJ

  1. Phil

    Jamey, what story was breaking?

  2. jamey tucker

    Ohhh, Phil I don’t like that term “breaking news”.
    This was not a story that was breaking, but simply happening.

    The story was 18,000 college kids in town for a spiritual conference. When I got there in the afternoon they were leaving for lunch. The folks there told me the best story would happen around midnight. The students were asked to leave their prayer time around 11pm and not say a word as they walked down the downtown streets to the arena.
    I got there around 10:30 and waited until I saw the huge crowd of kids walking down Broadway and into the arena in total silence.
    It was very moving.

    In the old tv news world, the story would have been shot that afternoon when those kids were just standing around and eating lunch. To be able to shoot the story when the real story was happening, viewers saw the how serious these students take their faith and their relationship with God.

    The story isn’t on the wkrn website. I’ll post a link if they add it.

  3. Josh

    Hey Jamey:
    Where’s your picture on the WKRN website? Tell their IT guy to get with it!! Where’s the love??

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