Lost on I-40, or I-65, or I-24 or maybe it was I-440

I saw more of Nashville today than I expected. After getting my news car I drove off to the Gaylord Center downtown where the Preds play. There’s a big event going on this week with 18,000 college students coming together for a conference on faith and spirituality and after stopping by there and chatting with the pr folks, I drove to the Catholic Diocese to meet the new Bishop-elect.

Well…I knew where the offices are, I just couldn’t get to them. I was on 24, then got turned around and discovered 40, then 440 and then 65. I’m told the best way to learn your way around Nashville is to get lost. I should know this city like the back of my hand real soon.

Brittney, my “Nashville is Talking” friend found this blog and posted a link to it Wednesday. Wow, what a reaction from the Nashville bloggers. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you find the stories I’ll be doing to be interesting and thought provoking. I’m headed back to the “Passion Conference” in a few minutes for a late night session. I’ll shoot a story there and if things go well, maybe it’ll make the newscast tomorrow. By the way, we’re working on a new blog for the religion segment. This one is my personal blog, read mostly by my mom. We won’t get into any really good religious discussions here but look for the other blog soon. Also, there’s a $50 award for the blogger who comes up with the best name.

You know, one more thing about my post yesterday. I have been so impressed with the news product at channel 2, and it’s nice to hear others are taking notice too. Today I stopped in at a convenience store for a cup of coffee and the lady behind the counter saw my news vehicle. She went on to say that she recently discovered channel 2’s newscast and how it is now her station of choice. She said she feels the anchors and reporters seem more human than the other stations and that she never feels she’s being talked “down to”.



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6 responses to “Lost on I-40, or I-65, or I-24 or maybe it was I-440

  1. Phil

    Just wait until you find the corner of Harding and Harding.

    And the road that is Briley Parkway, then White Bridge Road, then Woodmont Boulevard, then Thompson Lane, then Briley Parkway again.

  2. Mo

    And don’t forget any of the Old Hickory Boulevards…

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe the name of the new blog could be……
    By His Grace

  4. Steph

    Ah yes, not sure how it is in Memphis… but roads with the same name, that are on opposite sides of the city, do not neccessarily connect. In fact, in most cases they don’t!! You’ll figure it out. As long as you know how to get from work to home, you’ll be good!! I just moved to Nashville from Florida last February. 😉

  5. Julie

    That’s exactly how parts of Memphis are as well…or, even worse, they change names 3 different times within the span of a few miles.

    I attended David Lipscomb University for my freshman year of college, and am PAINFULLY aware of Briley Parkway/White Bridge Road/pick a name, any name. To this day, whenever I visit Nashvegas, I still get turned around over there!

  6. mike

    Here’s a blog name suggestion: Take it on Faith

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