Odds and Ends

I brought out the suitcase today. Lots to pack, lots to transfer to the laptop. It dawned on me today that I don’t know what time to show up on Tuesday.

Been reading more blogs than writing my own. Joe’s has been interesting, especially the comments. If you haven’t checked it out and you like local Memphis tv news coverage, you ought to make it a favorite.

I didn’t watch the Channel 3 special last night. I enjoyed the first few minutes but the moment “smug” made an appearance I switched channels. Producer Mike Suriani did a brilliant job with the production. Lots of good looking interviews and the best edit job on local tv in a long time. Heard some good comments about the special around town today.

I’m addicted to XM radio. Got one for Christmas and it’s terrific. One tip though, if you get one, splurge on the home kit. It comes with a remote which is almost a neccesity to change channels while you’re driving down the road. Now I’ve got a remote in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

Had lunch yesterday with some Channel 3 employees and will lunch with a couple more tomorrow. Wrapping up things before heading to the 615 area code. We’re hot on Hendersonville right now.

Found out two more of my good college friends are in Nashville and we’ve chatted by phone the past couple of days. They love it there and I’m sure we will too.

Getting lots of interest in the house the past few days. It’s kind of a nuisance to run out of the house when a realtor wants to show it, but it has to be done. We’re praying it sells quick. The extended stay hotels aren’t really meant to be THAT extended stay.

What’s the future of this blog? I think it’s already jumped the shark. I’ll keep it going but I doubt it’ll be interesting to those looking for local tv news talk. I don’t watch it enough now to comment much.

By the way, I notice that some of the vjs who left WKRN after the switch have returned and according to another vj there, morale is really good now. That’s encouraging.

Looks as though I won’t make it to a few of the things on my “Memphis to do list”. I still haven’t been back to Graceland, still haven’t seen Al Green preach and still haven’t been to a Grizzlies game.


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  1. bishop


    You willbe missed! please keep blogging!

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