Two Weeks Notice

Two weeks from right now, I’ll be sitting in an extended stay hotel with a clearer idea of whether I made the right decision on my new job.

I figure that first day will be filled with paperwork and watching the newsroom at work. I’ll meet my new co-workers and observe how WKRN gathers it’s news and begin the new philosophy of the ABC affiliate in Nashville.

Watching their broadcasts over the internet I’ve already noticed one major difference: many of their male reporters don’t wear neckties. On my interview the news director wasn’t wearing a tie. The general manager did, but it wasn’t tied tight around his neck. Some reporters wore golf shirts or open collared dress shirts. One didn’t even tuck!

So I wonder what I should wear for that first day. I wonder how long it will be before I drive my news car home. I wonder when I’ll be assigned my first story and when it will air. I wonder if I’ll be able to find my way to work and to the hotel without trouble. I wonder when our house will sell in Southaven and where we will live in Nashville. I wonder how long it will take me to stop dialing 901 when making a phone call. I wonder if I’ll be able to edit my stories quickly enough to make slot. I wonder if they’ll laugh at my jokes or when I’ll feel comfortable enough to tell them.

I wonder where the best Chinese buffets are located. But mostly, I wonder if I’ll like working in television news again. I wonder how much I’ll miss my current boss (me) and how I’ll like having to report to a job every day. I know I’ll miss wearing my pajamas or sweats until noon when I’m editing. I know I’ll miss watching the Masters golf tournament and NCAA Tournament while working. I’ll miss not taking a day off in February or May or November because I want to take a day off. I’ll miss being home with the kids when they’re home for Spring Break or Memorial Day or Labor Day or when it snows.

But I do know I’ll like Nashville. Over the past couple of months when I’ve told people we’re moving to Music City they invariably say “Oh…you’ll love Nashville”. Some have been downright jealous that we’re moving there. “Oooohhh…I wish we could live in Nashville. We LOVE Nashville” they say.

Funny, but I don’t recall anyone ever, EVER saying to me “Oooohhhhh Memphis. We love Memphis. I wish we could live in Memphis.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Ming’s Chinese Buffet in Cool Springs & Chef Wang’s in Belle Meade are two of the best. Welcome to NashVegas.

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