Trying to Roll With the Changes

My thanks to “REO Speedwagon” for the inspiration to today’s blog post title.

I’m the only one in this house who seems to realize what a big night tonight was. Lauren, our oldest daughter, leaves tomorrow for Christmas holiday with her daddy and then will go straight to a private boarding school in the mountains of east Georgia.

Tonight we had “Christmas” with Lauren. We swapped gifts, had her favorite (sushi) for dinner and then watched our Christmas movies. The first was of a 5 year old Lauren at Disneyworld and the beach. I can’t believe how fast the past 11 years have flown.

So this is her last night with us, and no one, besides me, seems to be the least little bit sad. I’m not ready for her to leave the house. But tomorrow morning we’ll say goodbye, not knowing how soon she’ll be able to come back for a visit. I’m not ready for her to leave. She’s just a little girl. Or so it seemed while watching those movies.


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