What’s That Ugly Thing On Your Face?

I got a cold sore this week. They’re ugly and they hurt. Fortunately, I don’t get them very often.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine gave me something that’s supposed to work fast. It’s Bee Propolis, something honeybees make that protects them and the honey from bacteria.

I stuck the small bottle somewhere and hadn’t thought about it again until this week. I had been using Campho-Phenic which didn’t do anything to make it go away for the first couple of days. That’s when I remembered the bottle of propolis.

It stings a bit and is very very sticky. It’s a liquid and once it gets on your fingernail and cuticles it’s hard to get off. But the stuff works. I put it on the cold sore last night and it’s almost gone.

Tim Durham of Durham’s Bee Farm in DeSoto County sells Canker-Rid on his website. If you get cold sores or canker sores very often, it’s worth the $15.95 to order a bottle.


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