The New “Man” in My Life

No, I haven’t been inspired by “Brokeback Mountain” to switch teams. The “Man” I refer to is the one I will be working for come January 3rd.

Part of the attraction of the opportunity to get back into the tv news business is the forward thinking shown by Young Broadcasting and WKRN. In addition to the vj concept that many people, mostly veteran news folks, have criticized, WKRN has embraced new technology and it’s effect on news gathering and distribution.

I’ve become hooked on KRN’s “Nashville is Talking” blog, which aggregates dozens of blogs. There’s a good write up in today’s Online Journalism Review. It reports how the station hired a full-time blogger earlier this year to broaden the station’s reach in the market.

Once I get in place and begin reporting for WKRN, I’ll have my own blog too. It will be similar to my ACTS News blog but will be updated more frequently.

The appeal of all of this should be obvious. I’ll be surrounding myself with news about faith and religion. I’ll be writing a blog and producing 3-4 religion stories each week. Some of the stories may not even make the evening newscast but will be available online, and probably, eventually, as a podcast (audio and video).

It’s not often that a third place tv station does something that impresses me or grabs the attention of viewers, but WKRN is doing it daily.


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  1. Commissioner Gimpy

    You are the cutting edge Jamey Tucker. Give ya a call before Christmas.Merry Christmas.(and crap on all that Happy Holidays bullshit)

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