Daddy’s Home….Alone

Alone isn’t quite right, but I’m the only parent in the house this week. And boy did my wife get out of town at just the perfect time. Christmas choir concerts, shopping days, a party to buy food for, a hole in the ceiling, and freezing rain predicted for Thursday.

Sheet rock guys showed up early this morning and patched our hole. Our hole in the ceiling, they said, was the third one they’ve patched this week. I guess everyone is in the attic this week getting decorations or hiding presents. Be careful up there.

I’ve still got to sand the patch job and re-paint the ceiling before Friday. Sears, I hate that place now, has finally decided I need a new microwave since they failed to fix it. Trouble is, they won’t install it and can’t deliver it before Saturday. I’ve got to drive over, pick up the new one and get someone to help me hold it above the range to screw the bolts in.

The kids like it when daddy’s in charge. We ate out tonight and will probably have to do pizza tomorrow. I love to cook but there’s just no time. I got a phone call today from a Memphis company looking to do a video this week. It’s a four-day shoot and I’ll have to find a way to get the kids to school in order to do it.

Geez, if it snows I’m screwed.


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