Raise the Roof

We (finally) picked up a Christmas tree today. Brought it home, put it up and started to string the lights. A buddy of mine called though saying he needed a hand (they’re moving into a new house).

So I drive over and load up the back of my truck with some of their stuff and my wife calls. “You need to come home, Lauren fell through the attic”.

My 16 year old daughter was looking for the lights when she stepped into a spot without a plywood floor. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt but we now have a hole in the ceiling of our great room.

With my luck someone will want to look at the house tomorrow. We’ve got someone coming to fix it and it shouldn’t be too difficult. But it adds to my schedule tomorrow which is already full. Now I’ve got to go back to my buddy’s house and unload the truck, drive to Collierville to deliver videos to a client, get by the post office and bank and shoot and edit this week’s ACTS News update and upload it to the server.

On top of all of that, Cameron is leaving tomorrow for a real estate class. She’ll be gone most of the week. Trey has choir concerts Wednesday morning, afternoon and night, Delaney and Trey have their Santa shopping day at school and I’ve got to dive into the video project for the saddle company. Plus, there’s the issue of our Christmas party this weekend. I’ll be getting the house ready and shopping for food and beverages.

That’s just the to-do list I have right now. Good thing I don’t have a full-time job.


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