House Hunting

Up early yesterday morning for the drive to Nashville. We met with our realtor and started the looonnnggg journey through about 50 neighborhoods. We started in Murfreesboro, wound through Smyrna, then up to Mt. Juliet.

This morning we started off with breakfast at Noshville then down through Franklin, Brentwood and then finally Fairview before heading for home.
I did manage to take this shot of the kids on Music Row with part of the Nashville skyline behind them.

Early feelings about Nashville towns and neighborhoods: there’s too much to choose from. Schools are a primary consideration for us since we have three in school. Unlike when one moves to Memphis, there’s just too many good school districts in Nashville to choose from. A large majority of the schools are good, or so we hear. That opens up miles and miles of possibilities.

We like Brentwood and Murfreesboro the most. Franklin is good but the lot sizes are smaller. Fairview is nice but seems to be the furthest from the tv station. Mt. Juliet was a bit of a let down since that’s where I was leaning from the first.

This was really only our first real look so I’m sure there are other houses and neighborhoods that we’ll like. Home prices are much more expensive than Memphis and DeSoto County. Houses here are about $100 per square foot, in some areas we looked at today they’re asking upwards of $140 per square foot.

But we like Nashville a lot. We managed to wear ourselves out walking around Opry Mills last night. I’ve never been to a mall as crowded as that one was last night. Wall-to-wall people!

First impression is that we will either end up trading off convenience to the station for a larger house with a larger yard, or choose to be closer to the station but with a smaller house and a smaller yard.

It’s decisions like this that makes me want to stay put and stay in business for myself. It’ll work out okay though. I pray.


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