Going where the Trees are “Holiday”

We’re headed to Nashville in the morning. Nashville, my future home and where the mayor calls the city Christmas tree a holiday tree. He threw the switch last night and then the switchboard lit up. The official name for the tree is a “holiday tree”. Well, as you know, a now very vocal majority of people think that just won’t do.

From the WKRN BlogSite www.nashvilleistalking.com

They Were So Mad

The city of Nashville lit its tree yesterday, which the mayor referred to as a “holiday tree.” So that is what News 2 called it.

If phone calls and emails were bullets we’d all be dead 100 times over. The phones did not stop ringing with outraged viewers on the other end. One caller said, “It’s a f—- Christmas tree!” Personally, I think we should start calling it that.

Anyway, we’re going house hunting. Gonna spend the weekend in Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Nolensville and anywhere else our realtor takes us.

I hate house hunting. Maybe I’d like it more if I wasn’t so satisfied with the house I have now. What I really hate is going into a house that I absolutely love only to find out it’s not in my price range. After that, nothing looks good.

The kids will like the trip, they’re excited about the move. It’ll be a looonnng weekend though. I’ll be very tired once Sunday gets here. I hope to have enough energy to post a few pictures of Music City.


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