No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

We’re going to regret this I know. We don’t have a Christmas tree yet.

We always get a real tree so I like to wait until around the first of December to venture down to the Merry Christmas Tree Farm in Nesbit and cut one down ourselves. But last year, we waited too late as many of the really good trees were gone.

We should have gone this past weekend but we were out of town. Yesterday it was too wet and today, well, we just didn’t do it. Tomorrow is family portrait day so maybe Thursday.

The Merry Christmas Tree Farm saved Christmas for us a couple of years ago. We bought a fairly large tree that refused to stand upright in the tree stand. The first tree stand bent under the pressure, sending me to Home Depot for a replacement. I picked up the largest tree stand, one of those pyramid shaped plastic green stands that looked up to the task.

I spent about 45 minutes trying to screw those darned screws that are supposed to dig into the trunk of the tree and help it stand up right. No luck. The tree, no matter how much I worked at it, looked crooked. Well, it didn’t just look crooked, it was crooked. I had to use fishing line tied to the wall to keep it from falling over that night. And, I’m not proud of this, but daddy said a bad word under the tree that year.

The next year I picked up one of the tree stands from the Merry Christmas Tree Farm. It didn’t look like much. A red water dish with a spike sticking up from the bottom. It also came with 3 pieces of rebar used to hold it up. The folks at the Merry Christmas Tree farm drilled a hole in the bottom of the tree and told me it would take about 5 minutes to place the tree on the stand and have it standing upright.

Actually, they were wrong. It took me about 20 seconds to have the tree looking display window perfect. Not only that, but once the tree is up, you can hold a string of lights and spin the tree around on the spike to decorate it.

It was the perfect Christmas gift.

We’re headed to Nashville this weekend to look for a house. The station is calling tomorrow morning for some information and bio on me for a press release on my new job. I’m addicted to Nashville blogs.

Workwise, I’m finishing up one big project and writing the other. Then, it’ll be time to work on the family Christmas video. Next weekend’s our big Christmas party. It’s going to be a full couple of weeks. Hope we have time to put a tree up in the house.


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