News Director Serves Up Cold Shoulder for Thanksgiving

I ran into a lot of my former co-workers today. It was a sad occasion, the wife of one of the photographers passed away this week after a long fight with cancer. I went to the funeral today and for the first time in more than a year, saw many of my friends from the tv station.

Everyone was very friendly, even the former station manager who’s now general manager walked over to say hello and shake hands. I saw my former news director sitting on the front row as the service was about to begin.

I spoke to the person sitting with her, shook his hand and then said hello to her and reached out to shake her hand too. Now, let me admit I didn’t expect any warm hugs but I didn’t expect the reaction I got. Instead of politely saying hello and shaking my hand, she crossed her arms and turned her head, leaving me standing there with my hand reached out and I’m sure a pretty weird look on my face.

Oh well, I won’t lose any sleep over it. A couple of my former co-workers saw the whole thing and asked me about it later. I suppose she may be a hater because of some things I’ve written on this blog, who knows?

Geesh, even the Indians sat down with the Pilgrims.



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4 responses to “News Director Serves Up Cold Shoulder for Thanksgiving

  1. Anonymous

    hey jamey…why do you even care so much about what happened? just get over it, okay. it obviously bothered you enough to write about it….two words…..move on.

  2. jamey tucker

    Thanks for your analysis doc, but you’re off base with the diagnosis. It did bother me at first (it was embarrassing standing there with my hand outstretched while being dissed) but I’m over it. I wrote about it because I thought it was funny.

    So, 3 words: I’m Over It.
    okay, two words and a conjunction.

  3. pp

    I’ve been in this situation myself (a funeral of a former co-worker attended by a person I terminated).

    For the record when one is approached by a former employee at a funeral one can nod politely or say hello or shake hands. A funeral is not about the boss-former employee relationship, it’s about the deceased person and his/her family.

    Jamey is absolutely correct in thinking his former supervisor behaved poorly. She did.

  4. Anonymous

    Some of the WREG staff who attended the funeral told me they were very embarrassed by her action.

    I know she is leaving but until then, does she realize that she still is a manager at WREG and should act like one in public instead of embarrassing the station by her action? The way she represented the station and the New York Times Broadcast Group went against one of the NY Times’ “Rules of the Road” – – “Treat everyone with respect.”

    Not only did she disrespect Jamey but also the deceased and her family at the funeral. A funeral is not an appropriate place for such immature action. Geesh!!!!!

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