Some Big Changes on the River

When the November sweeps period ends this year there will be several big changes at the station on the river.

Longtime primary anchor Jerry Tate will retire from the news business. Word is he’ll be working for the city of Collierville as a public relations specialist. Good for you Jerry. Congratulations.

Also, I hear late night reporter Jennifer Van Vrancken will be leaving the Bluff City and head to New Orleans. NOLA is her hometown and she graduated from the Tulane School of Law. War Eagle Jennifer! I’m sure she loved the score from this weekend’s Iron Bowl.

And of course, news director Michele Gors will walk out of the newsroom for the last time and take over the news department back in the midwest somewhere.

Would the last person leaving please turn off the lights? What’s happening over there?



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4 responses to “Some Big Changes on the River

  1. Anonymous

    that’s too bad…Jennifer Van Vrancken was one of my favorite on-air personalities at NC3

  2. bishop

    I love Jennifer but as long as Markova, Pam, and Tim stays, I am okay.

  3. Sis

    People shouldn’t assume that their departures are anything other than for personal reasons. These are human beings; they have families and other concerns that can cause them to change jobs, retire, or relocate.

    Since the station on the river has just been nominated again (3 years in a row, isn’t it?) for another news excellence Emmy award, it doesn’t sound like it’s on its deathbed to me.

  4. bishop


    You are so right and people shouldn’t assume that. You have some that takes pleasure out of other’s downfall.

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